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IVF Update 1-17

2002-01-17 1:59 p.m.

IVF Update:

Day 6 Of Meds - I have a great lining and 15 goodlooking follicles. I could bore myself with the measurements but I am not going to. :) I want to not stress.

Tonight I am adding my first shot of antagon and will do one repronex and 3 follistims. I will do the same tomorrow night and then go back for a check on Saturday and quite possibly retrieve on Monday or Tuesday.

Last night I faced one of my biggest fears and gave myself a shot. I've been really blessed in that Brian has always done them. But since I had to be at the doctor's office at 8 am I went down last night to stay with a friend as opposed to getting up at 4 am this morning! BLECH!

So I mixed it and spilt some! :( Remixed it and did it fine. I don't like doing it AT ALL but at least I know I can if I need to!

I am feeling yucky. Somewhat nauseated and bloated but no bad headaches. Just yucky. I think that will be magnified when I start the progesterone. I am really weepy. I cried last night when I had to go to DFW by myself. Poor Brian doesn't know what to think. He just held me and let me be a baby.

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