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3 Embryos & Misc Update

2003-11-06 10:33 a.m.

Well we transfered 3 embryos on 10-27. It went well. I can't believe I didn't update sooner. But it's been a busy 10 days! Out of the 3 embryos - 1 blast was 100% ready to hatch (the RE said it looked as good as a fresh embryo that it had rehydrated so well) and the other two were at 80% & 70%.

Here's a picture of the 3 embryos. He also used embryo glye. He said that was something new they were using to improve implantation results.

I've taken 3 hpts but they've all been negative so I really don't think it worked but I am going to get a quanitative blood test today so hopefully I will know tomorrow. If I am not pregnant I want to quit the nasty progesterone and estrogen supplements.

Brian left for Brazil the day after my transfer and Salem's enema was rescheduled for tomorrow. Brian also gets home tomorrow.

So it's been a hectic 10 days since all these. I am tired and I miss my husband and my little girl definitely misses her daddy!

So that's our update!

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