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Update 10/24/2003

2003-10-24 12:18 p.m.

OK What's new with me! FET is right on schedule. My lining was perfect this past Wednesday. Now I am taking progesterone, medrol (to assist in hatching), antibiotics, and continuing with the estrogen and the transfer will be Monday the 27th at 11:30 am!

I've been doing chiropractic adjustments since the first of October and did two acupuncture treatments this week. I think doing both of this in my original IVF really helped so I am doing it again!

Salem's barium enema is Tuesday at 8:30 and Brian leaves for Brazil at 10:40. I am going to miss him like crazy. But he'll only be gone 10 days this time. He had to get a yellow fever vaccine! YUCK!

Other than that things are status quo. I've been trying to get some Christmas shopping down. I got Korie a CUTE purse at the Sam Moon outlet in Dallas, some sponge bob house shoes, a plasma ball light (she loves funky lights) and I guess all that's left to get her is stocking stuffers and some clothes from Old Navy.

Brian has decided he wants a pair of Harley or Dr. Marten boots for Christmas. I've already bought him some cologne so if I can get a new pair of boots on sale or eBay that may be all he gets! LOL. I did get him a couple of shirts from the Old Navy outlet a few weeks ago though.

Well I have some minor leads on my dad. We had always been told he was declared legally dead. Which means a death certificate would have been issued. Guess what? No death certificate. I have a few letters and emails to send out and then we'll see what happens. That's on hold til after my transfer cause I don't need any stress right now.

Well that's it! Be sure to read my other entry for today. It's about Salem.

BTW Valerie - if you're reading - put the link to your diary in my guestbook or email me! I want to respond to your entry in the guestbook! :)

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