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Pic of Salem's Diapers & More

2004-06-01 12:09 a.m.

I took this pic to have printed for a scrapbook page. This is all of Salem's current diapers except for 10 that were in the diaper pail! Cute and functional and cheap! And better for the environment! What a great deal.

We spent part of Sunday and all of today at the inlaws. Salem was charming. They don't get to see her a lot so I was glad she was charming and flirtatious! She giggled and played in the water and in their VCR tapes. Papa Bobby took a hundred pics of her! LOL. Not really but at least a roll. I am excited cause he always sends me a copy.

Now I am at home and have to get my house cleanded up. I have a busy week. Tomorrow cleaning and errand, Wed go to NM to get Korie, Thursday is park day for Salem, Friday - relax some, Saturday a medical exam for me and Brian for life insurance and 2 youth events (GRRRR) and Sunday hopefully relax.

Anyway...that's it for now.

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