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Update - 5/30/04

2004-05-30 11:39 a.m.

Salem seems to be learning more and more each day. She's now become as much of a Barney fan as a Wiggle's fan. So in the morning we watch Barney and drink a cup of milk while we cuddle. Then it's play time and lunch time and then the Wiggles. Then after nap she watches more Wiggles. Actually the Wiggles are coming to the DFW area so we're going to try and go. That will be in early August.

She loves playing outside and getting into the pool. We go to the park once a week and McD's play area for a playdate once every 2 weeks. I am trying to get started an Arts & Crafts playdate. Wish us well.

Well my dig camera is dying. It's been progressively taking bad pics since Korie dropped it last October. The digital camcorder takes pics but they aren't the best. So I've been looking for a new one - an Olympus Camedia. Get this. I found a camera on ebay. I bought it and paid for it despite high shipping (it was still cheaper than online).

Well I get an email on Thursday saying that the company doesn't insure packages and my insurance was refunded. Well I had decided if it was damaged I would go through paypal and deal with it. Then I get an email Friday with a return PP that the manufacturer couldn't get the camera in. Then I get an email yesterday saying the company had mailed the camera. I told the guy if I got the camera I would PP him back. He was nice but GEEZ!

Then I bought Salem a Sand & Water Table off Target about 10 days ago. Last Friday I got an email saying it was delayed on back order but would be shipped between the 27th - 29th. Well I got it the 26th! LOL. Then the 29th I got an email saying the order was cancelled and my credit card wouldn't be charged. SO I thought I would give them a couple of weeks to see if they catch their mistake and then I will send one email. If they don't fix it I will have a free table. We'll see.

Then I uploaded a ton of pics to to be printed. I do this all the time and they send them to my super Walmart. Well they sent them and they show they are delivered but my Walmart doesn't have them! UGH! This is a pain. They are trying to track them.

What a pain online shopping has been lately. I never have such bad luck.

Oh and our pool motor stopped yesterday! UGH! It's electrical and it did this once before and was only $35 to fix 3 years ago. Pray it's that cheap!

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