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Diabetes Update - Food Diary

2004-03-14 11:16 p.m.

I had a good appt with the Dr. on Wednesday. My glucose level has been between 120-140 for the past couple of weeks since going up to 1500 mg. They need to be under 110 so we're close. He said it's still a tad too high but that he was excited about the changes I had made to my diet.

Plus I have now lost 15 1/2 pounds since 2-2. So he upped my glucophage to 2000 mg a day and I go back in a month for bloodwork and an appt. He said that my levels have dropped considerably since 2-10 and in a relatively short time so that within a month I should be able to find a manageable level. He said worst case scenario I have to add another medicine to my regimen. I'm still poking my finger 2 times a day though! OUCH! I've listed my food diary for last week below.

Food Diary - 3/8 - 3/13


Snack - 1/2 Bag Pork Rinds

Lunch - 8 Buffalo Wings, Salad with egg, cheese, tomatos, cucumbers, bacon bits and carb control dressing.

Snack - small helping misc fruit

Dinner - Salad - tomatos, eggs, cheese, bacon and no dressing.

Snack - Pepperoni and mushrooms

Fluids - 30 ounces of water, 10 ounces of Diet Limeade

Tuesday -3/11

Breakfast - Orange

Lunch - 2 Ounces Lemon Peppered Fish, Cup of zucchini

Snack - A few pork rinds

Dinner - Atkins Wrap From Subway

Snack - 1 Tomato with melted pepperjack cheese

Fluids - 20 Ounces of Crystal Light, 16 Ounces Diet Limeade

Wednesday - 3/11

Breakfast - Scrambelled egg beaters with cheese, ham, mushroom and onions

Lunch - Tuna with 1 tsp fat free mayo, 1 sliced tomato and 1 toasted low carb bread

Dinner - 2 Pieces Baked Chicken (Wings), Large Salad with eggs, cheese, ham, bacon bits, tomato and celery with carb control dressing

Fluids - 40 ounces of Crystal Light and 16 Ounces of Diet Limeade

Thursday - 3/11

Breakfast - Scrambled egg beaters with tomatos, cheese and bell peppers.

Lunch - Celery and pimento cheese (I learned later today that processed foods have a higher glycemic reaction when processed by the body so I won't eat it again).

Snack - Celery and pimento cheese

Dinner - Sirloin, vegetable medley

Fluids - 40 Ounces Crystal Light

Friday - 3/12

Lunch - Grilled Chicken & Grilled Veggies

Snack - Cup Atkins Icecream

Dinner - Shrimp and Salad with tomatos, cucumbers, parmesan cheese and bacon bits and Carb Control Dressing

Fluids - 12 Ounces Water, 20 Ounces Diet Limemade

Saturday - 3/12

Lunch - Steak, brocoli and cheese, salad with tomato, bacon bits and parmesan cheese and Caesar Dressing (surprisingly low carb)

Snack - 1 Russell Stover Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cup

Dinner - Tuna with 1 tsp fat free mayo, egg and pickles, 1 slice of low carb bread toasted, 1 sliced tomato and 1 boiled egg

Fluids - 20 ounces Crystal Light, 10 ounces Diet Limeade

Sunday - 3/13

Lunch - Leftover steak and brocoli casserole

Dinner - Basa grilled with lemon, lemon peppe and garlic, sliced tomato and snow peas.

Fluids - 20 ounces diet limeade and 20 ounces Crystal Light

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