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Sooooooo Mad!!!

2004-03-14 1:41 a.m.

OK this will be a long story so if you make it to the end I applaud you!

OK Brian is NOTORIOUS for not locking his stuff on the trailer - all his landscaping and lawn care stuff. Well late last summer his blower got stolen. We replaced it and he bought the stuff to lock it all up. A few weeks later he forgets to lock it and his weedeater is gone. GRRR. He promises to lock it up and then a few weeks later I give him a pretty hefty valet check. So a few weeks after that he's asking for money (it was a short time of the month normally we both have spending money) and I said don't you have $100 left from the valet check? Well he tells me he had to spend that money to get yet another weedeater cause it got stolen again! WHAT? I asked did they cut the locks? No he forgot to lock it!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I ty my hardest not to be too mad but we're talking about $350.

So today he comes in after working outside for a few hours. We live on a corner lot and he parks in the driveway but we have a privacy fence so if anyone walks buy and something is loose they can grab it.

Well he comes in and someone has stolen a $500 chain saw! Cause the dang thing was not locked. I LOST it. I said my God Brian do you NEVER learn? I was mad. We don't have $500. We are trying to buy a new small mower. We can't add $500 for a chain saw til May or June.

And he actually got mad at me. Told me he needed support right now and not I told you so's and blah blah blah! I was so mad I walked off. I mean do you think it's reasonable that I wouldn't be mad at this point?

Well it gets worse. Tonight he went and got his drill out of his toolbox on his truck and yep you guessed it he left it unlocked. When he went to put it back up about 20 minutes later someone had taken also his loose tools that were in there. Screwdrivers, ratchet sets, saws, etc. OMG OMG OMG. I couldn't even say a thing.

He did call the police and report it cause that will enact an officer to drive around for a while.

But my God can he really not learn to lock the stupid thing? I am LIVID. And I think the only thing that kept me from losing it was the fact that I was rocking Salem to sleep. Of course he avoided me the rest of the night and went to sleep himself. I am just beyond pissed off!

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