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2002-01-12 1:09 p.m.

My cast. I figured it would be easier to be able to know who I was talking about and I will be putting it and a link to my ttc lingo on the main page eventually. Until then you can look through my archive to get there. I know you non-ifer's have no clue as to what I am talking about on a regular basis! :)

Brian (Bri) - The LOVE of my life. Literally we are soulmates. I am complete with him as a couple. He is my bestfriend, my lover and really most of my life here on earth. He challenges me to make the most of myself. He loves me the way I am and doesn't focus on my bad habits and what needs to be change. We laugh together and love together and cry together. We are still so love sick after almost 7 years (4 married) that we call each other throughout the day at work, leave love notes, etc.

Brian is a youth pastor and a full-time student. He will graduate with a degree in Communication/Public Speaking in December 2002.

Korie - My 11 year old stepdaughter who lives with her mother in New Mexico. Brian just recently lost custody to her in 2000 when the state let her (being 10) decide whom she wanted to live with. :( But her mother's life situation has drastically improved and we are hoping and praying that it continues to do so and that it is a safe place for Korie. She does love Korie tremendously.

Zoe, Luci and Cali - My furbabies!!! I LOVE them SO much!

My family - Mom, sister Amy and brother Scott. Amy's kids - Kelsea, Evin and April.

Tulip's World - My life outside of diaryland!

And more...I will add them as I think of them! :)

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