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Time to Start The Meds

2002-01-12 8:54 a.m.

I am good to go! I didn't have any cysts, my lining was perfect and my E2 (estradiol) was 39 - it had to be under 50. So I am good to go. EEK! It's really starting. I start 4 amps of follistim tonight. :) Thank God Brian will give the shots. :)

Ironic isn't it that I am excited I am about (or should I say Brian is about) to inject my tummy with meds that may make me crazier than normal and will burn like @!#$@#$? But I am excited.

I spent the rest of the morning yesterday at Barnes and Noble reading and sipping on a latte and then had lunch with a long time Internet friend (we've met tons of times) Quilts4Baby. She had three of her brood with us. Dakota is handsome as always and Kiyah is really growing and Rayven (the baby) is precious! :)

I had fun. Then I drove home, relaxed, realized I had auctions that ended Thursday nite - uh oh - checked my email and panicked since I need to mail something for a guy to have for Tuesday to start class. But I managed to do it! :)

Then Brian and I went to eat. A steak of course - I need my protein! :)

Then he went out with the youth and I watched some weird movie with David Duchovney, Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. Brad Pitt turned out to be some killer. He was really disgusting in this movie. It was so tired that I drifted in and out but it was a weird movie.

Today I got RUDELY awoken but a guy I can't STAND cause Brian forgot to reschedule a time to talk to him. ACK! I really can't stand the guy. They were supposed to meet for breakfast and Brian wrongly forgot. UGH. Well this guy creeps me out anyway so I had to get a robe on and answer the door. Normally I am very easy going and I even do prison ministry. I don't creep out easily. But there is something about this guy. Of course Brian gets mad when I say that but it's how I feel. So I tell him Brian's at work and to call the cell and he got mad. GO AWAY. I feel bad for feeling that way but geez?

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