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Nothin Much - Just another day

2001-09-10 4:13 p.m.

Today is actually a decent day. I am BUSY as all get out at work and am just now getting my lunch and it's 2 pm. But it's a good day. That's cool.

This weekend I slept late on Saturday (whoo hoo) and then went to my nephew's bday party! He's 3 and adorable and TOTALLY in love with NSync. It's so funny! He knows just who they are and everything.

Then I went shopping with my mom and then home and then to the restitution center to lead church. There was a woman there named Shebaka that really touched my heart. She needs someone to care about her. I gave her my name and box address. If she writes me I will write her back.

Sunday was church. Then I cleaned the church all afternoon since the youth were coming to our house. It was fun. I made it to bed my 11 but I was still sooooooooooo tired today.

I think I am going to take Thursday off and sleep in. It looks like Grannie is going to leave the hospital today or tomorrow.

Anywhoo - that's it for today.

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