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My TTC History

2001-09-10 2:12 p.m.

My ttc story:

I've always had annovulatory cycles but never really realized it til now when I can look back at the symptoms. I did get pregnant in my first marriage but it mc'ed.

We started ttc in Sept of 98. We tried naturally for a few months then I used OPK's and never got one surge. So someone online suggested a book called Taking Charge of your Fertility.

I read that and started charting and knew right away I wasn't Oing. No CM either. I asked my nurse practitioner for provera and she wanted to put me back on the pill. HECK NO!

So I found a Dr. It had been 16 months of ttc when I saw him. Right away he could tell I wasn't Oing by looking at my charts. So we started testing and he gave me 50 mg of clomid. I still didn't O but my hormone/prolactin test came back normal. So he booted me up to 100 mg and it worked. I O'ed! Whoo Hoo!

Well 3 cycles later I still wasn't pregnant. So I had an HSG and a post coital. The HSG showed my left tube was blocked. The post coital showed no SPERM!

So he gave me estrogen and we tried to time another pc better. This time there were dead sperm! :(

So I was referred to a RE. The guy I was referred to - well let's just say after some careful investigation I chose not to go to him. So I found a wonderful Dr. 2 hours away. Of course there are not RE's where I live.

We instantly decided to do IUI with clomid for 2 cycles and if I wasn't pregnant to do a lap. So I did clomid, had U/S to monitor the follicles and did and HCG shot to trigger O. I did O and we went to do the IUI. Brian's S/A was excellent as usual. But we ran into trouble. First my uterus is retrofluxed so they had to use a clamp (OUCH) to hold my cervix in place. Well then the catheter wouldn't go in. So the IUI was a bust.

I was then scheduled for quicker lap than we had originally discussed and a month later I had a lap/hysteroscopy to dilate my cervix to clear out cervical stenosis. They tried to unblock my left tube but didn't have luck. I didn't have endo.

So then we did another IUI. We had to use the clamp but the catheter went right in. But I tested negative. Well I also had a check for mmr and found I didn't have an immunity. So I got a shot and had an instant 3 month break! UGH!

So in Feb of this year I went back and did clomid-follistim/IUI and it failed. Then I had 2 cancelled IUI's back to back. One on pure follistim cause I stimulated on my blocked side and the second because I hyperstimulated.

Now I am scheduled for IVF this winter. We are very close to the end of our ttc efforts but we will give this a HUGE try and pray for the best.

I am mainly sharing this for anyone who spends time reading my diary and for my own remembrance. I plan to print out this diary eventually for a special scrapbook.

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