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Bummer Of A Day

2002-04-16 7:33 p.m.

My head still hurts. Not as bad but enough to be aggravated and worthless. I think maybe one more day of the claritin will help. I hope. Cause I am SO unmotivated to do anything. My day was SO stupid.

8:44 - The boss buzzes me.

Him - Hey Leah how's it going down there.

Me - fine, why?

Him - Do you have someone to answer the phone?

Me - Yes - Why?

Him - We thought you might join the meeting?

Me - What meeting?

Him - The regular staff meeting? (That begins at 8:30 BTW)

UGH! What a dork I am! Then the rest of the day I am trying to work on a project plan for summer only we don't have definite approval on our projects so that's a waste of time.

Then I spent an hour trying to figure out a STUPID email problem that I should have figured out in 10 minutes. Geez where is my mind?

And I come home and my house is a disaster. Literally. I have laundry to do and need to sweep and mop and dust and my STUPID satellite is broken and we have to call a local repairman so I can't even be lazy and watch Law & Order reruns! GRRR!!!

I am SO unmotivated to do anything. Poor Brian. I know he doesn't know what to do with me! Thank you Lord for a patient husband. My goal is Thursday night (our anniversary but Brian has class) and Saturday to get the house in order. Let's hope! :)

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