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OB Appt, Headache & A Stroller

2002-04-17 4:41 p.m.

Tomorrow I have an OB appt! Yeah! I have so many questions and want to hear the heartbeat. I have toyed with renting a Heart Tones Doppler but I think Brian would think I've lost it! LOL.

I do know that I am pretty sure to no testing. No AFP or any of that.


What else? My headache is about gone. I just have some tension in my neck that's a lingering type of pain. I am SO glad about that. I was miserbale.


I registered for the Eddie Bauer Double Stroller. It looked like the best deal and I liked that it would allow me to turn the babies toward each other.

But after reading the reviews I am not sure. A lot of people loved it but a lot of people hated it! :( I really don't want a side by side. It's all SO hard to figure out. Decisions decisions.

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