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Frozen Embryo Transfer

2003-10-08 10:35 a.m.

Well I had my FET (frozen embryo transfer) consult on the 19th of September. It went well. We waited forever though! We decided to go ahead and start the very next cycle so we don't get screwed up with the holidays.

He gave me 10 days or progesterone to bring AF since last cycle I went 60 days. He thinks after 60 days and a light AF I probably need to shed a heavy lining.

Then the plan is for me to start estrace and the estrogen patch both on CD 1.

Well CD 1 was Salem's Bday! Hope that was a good sign. I go back on 10-15 for a sono and bloodwork and if all looks good I should transfer around 5 days after that.

They have a 25% rate with frozen embryos which is good for most clinics (his fresh cycle rate for last year was over 60%). It's really going to be so much simpler. No injections this time!!!

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