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So mad at my sister

2003-10-08 10:32 a.m.

Let's sum up a history by saying my sister's DH is a certified a$$hole. He's mean and controlling and a jerk. He knows Amy well enough that when she reaches her breaking point he becomes the nice Kevin which of course Amy loves and all is well in the world for a while.

Well my nephew's bday party was the night after I ended up in the emergency room with my migraine. If any of you have migraines you know the day after is just as bad. So I didn't go to the party.

Well Salem's party was planned for the 4th. Already mom thought she couldn't be there cause of a training conflict out of town and I didn't want to reschedule it cause that's our weekend with Korie and I think it's important that she be here. And she wants to be here for it. Mom ended up being there thankfully.

Anyway - I asked my sister if she was coming. She said it depended on the time because she works on Sat's til 4. I scheduled it at 5-7 just for her. Originally I was going for 2-4.

So last Sat we all have dinner and Amy and I were going to a friend's daughter's bday party. Well Kevin decides she can't go. I am mad but actually more mad at Amy for letting control where she can and can't go.

So the day before yesterday I snidely ask (and I know I was being snide GRRR my temper got in the way) if she was gonna let Kevin tell her she couldn't come to Salem's party at the last minute.

She said well you know how Kevin can be. So I said well you should stand up to him!

She said he'll just say how you weren't at Evin's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means they've already talked about it.

I saw red! I told her my God Amy I had a migraine and had just been released from the ER the night before. And I am ALWAYS at your kids party unless I am out of town and then they ALWAYS get a gift. She just shrugged her shoulders.

And with Korie - if we have a party for her bday and the girls come they never bring a gift. EVER. I have never said anything but do you the first time I talked to her about my migraine she didn't ask how I was feeling. She asked if I was going to bring something to Evin for his birthday.

I wanted to say well how about using the money for your half of the mother's day gift for Mom and Nannie and the $14 book I bought for you for Evin and you've never paid me back for either (total of about $40) and buy him whatever his little heart wants. But that's mean. So I didn't. But I wanted to. Man did I want to.

It's really not about a gift. I am not that shallow.

Well she did show up but left after 30 minutes and didn't even say goodbye! :( Thankfully I didn't let it get to me too much.

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