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My Anniversary & Salem's Weekly Update 4-20

2003-04-22 11:13 a.m.

Happy Belated Anniversary to me! :) I love you my sweet Brian! I will paraphrase what I sing to Salem just for you! :) :

I Love You Forever

I Love You For Always

As Long As We're Living

Your Beloved Wife I'll Be!

We went out of town for Easter and our Anniversary. We just needed a break! Salem had the cutest bunny butt outfit. It's the pink one in the pic below.

I'll try to get the pics uploaded this week. She was just too cute! Otherwise it was just a nice and relaxing weekend.

Salem has been SO silly this week. Getting even more vocal and playful. Really noticing the cats. Doing something and then looking at me and smiling! Squirming when I am changing her dipe! LOL. She's too funny. She sat up for about 20 seconds several times this weekend. I will post those pics too! And we played outside and she's decided she LOVES being in the grass.

And YES I know I need to archive but I just haven't had time! ;)

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