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2002-02-11 12:40 p.m.

One of my biggest desires is to help educate the world on their misimpressions of what infertility is and what women actually go through.

Today unveils my first step in doing so. Take a moment and read my interview at They even used the pics of my embryos!

And towards the end of my article it says, "One thing that has kept Leah's spirits up during this fertility nightmare is her close-knit group of online friends, all of whom are experiencing infertility problems."

And I mean that. Without the ongoing support of the ladies at the IUI/IVF board at, the ladies at TTC 12+ Months board at Baby's Play or the ladies at the Infertility Issues board at Womans-Web I wouldn't have made it. There are a lot more friends like those at TW and a special private board on Oxygen for many of us who came to them with ParentTime closed. Many of the friends at TW don't understand everything I've gone through but they were there for me just the same.

There were literally times when I didn't think I could go on and I made it one more day because of them. Their prayer, encouraging emails and support have sustained me many times over. I only hope I have been there for them as well. They have donated medicine to me, money for unexpected bills, sent homemade bottles of pregnancy dust and SO much more. I LOVE you all. And those of you who are still fighting the TTC battle, I will ALWAYS be here for you.

And when I am finally pregnant (I will hopefully test positive tomorrow) and have my baby, maybe then I will tackle the corrrupt insurance industry that makes it so blasted hard to pay for fertility treatment but lets a man have viagra or a woman have BCP's with no hesitation.

Feel free to share this interview! My goal really is to educate and reach out to those going through this type of hell.

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