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Diapers and a postponed U/S

2002-04-01 2:16 p.m.

Ugh! No U/S news today. I drank ALL that blasted water, almost threw it up twice and got all the way there and they have me down for tomorrow am even though my Dr. said today. And they couldn't fit me in. So I have to go back tomorrow! BLECH! Good news is I am 11 weeks tomorrow! :)

We went to Walmart this morning and they have ALL their easter stuff on sale for 50-75% off. So I bought 3 easter baskets and grass for about $3.

I also bought diapers. I have 10 packages of preemies and I am going to buy 10-15 of newborn and the next size up. I am going to buy some cloth and experiment as well but when I thought about prioritizing my time with three infants I decided I wanted to concentrate on breastfeeding rather than cloth. There isn't a diaper service where I live and without one I don't see how I can make it work. I am sure others have made it work but I would rather experiment and see how it goes rather than dedicate to it when I am not sure when I would even have time to sleep much less wash dipes.

My breastpump isn't in yet. Grrr. Hope it's here soon.

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