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Christmas 2003

2003-12-29 11:42 a.m.

What a fun Christmas! :) Salem helped Daddy open a couple of gifts before getting sidetracked by all the paper and ribbons! That's what she really loved!!!

From us Salem got a Glow Worm, The Noah's Ark Peek A Blocks, An Interactive Phone, Washable Markers, Old Navy Socks, pair of shoes and 3 outfits. From Santa - the Little People Zoo.

From mom - a GREAT interactive Baby Einstein book and the Wiggles Big Red Car.

From others - a lot of books that she loves, Captain Featherswords sword, 2 stuffed animals, a Carebear Finger Puppet Book, a Gymboree outfit from my BIL that I LOVE but that's too big! And a couple of more presents coming later this week when we go to Brian's moms.

Brian and I spoiled each other too! We haven't the last couple of years! So it was fun! He got me:

* A Mother's Ring that I get to pick out and order this week

* Sunglasses/Sunglass case and nice trouser socks in my stocking

* 5 Snowmen ornaments for my collection - one is a cat. It's SO cute.

* 2 Pairs of shoes

* 2 Tshirts - One is an American Choppers shirt

* A GORGEOUS photo box.

* Pair of earrings

* Entire BeautiControl skincare cause I am switching from Mary Kay

From friends I got ornaments, gift certificates, candles, picture frames, kitchen towels and stuff like that.

My inlaws gave us money we put towards a new desk and that's about it. We usually don't buy for adults on Brian's side and on my side we didn't buy for adults this year cause my mom and sister and our respective families are going on a cruise together at the end of January.

It was a wonderful Christmas even with gifts aside. We had a wonderful Christmas morning with just me and Brian and Salem. It was just a joy to watch Salem!

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