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Back from Vacation

2006-07-18 10:31 a.m.

We're home from MB! Man I am SO tired. We got delayed leaving due to a family emergency. Long sorrid story and I can't share it in a public place. It's just too awful and I can't risk the wrong person reading it. But needless to say I felt guilty for even going on vacation.

That first day the drive started out good. We planned to take 2 days to get there and 2 days back. Then we were about to cross the bridge into Vicksburg, Mississippi and there was a massive piece of concrete in the road in front of me and an 18 wheeler on the left of me. Hmmm - hit the concrete or hit the truck...I hit the concrete and it blew out my tire. On the overpass before the the dark...girls screaming...nowhere to pull over...CRAP CRAP CRAP. I can't even get out to change the tire cause it's dark and the trucks aren't moving over. Let me reiterate Raina is SCREAMING. Salem calms down and tries SO hard to be brave.

So we call 911. We figured they would send a tow truck. Well 2 wonderful Louisiana HP's changed my tire. Thank you Jesus. So we stayed in a hotel in Vicksburg. The goal had been to get to Meridian that night so we were 2 hours behind. The next morning we got a new tire put on and the spare (full size) aired up and stowed and were on our way.

But our drive is long and the girls crabby so we stay the night in Conyers. We make it to MB Tuesday afternoon.

Despite the trip there the water was amazing and we had a blast. We left on Friday, met friends in Atlanta and Birmingham and made it home Sunday night.

Of course it's horrible coming home after vacation - too much stuff to do but we'll manage.

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