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Parenting is Hard

2006-06-30 1:03 p.m.

This parenting gig is hard. I am constantly working hard to make sure my girls feel loved and accepted. We work hard at giving them a future, raising them in a Godly home and spending a lot of time with them. Then the discipline gig comes into play. They need boundaries. They need to learn respect. They need to learn how to be patient and kind and loving and giving. They need rules. So when my almost 4 year old runs crying in the other room that she wants her daddy cause you won't give her any green (mint chocolate chip icecream) I laugh cause I see it for what it is. But when I break her heart over something like sharing - or I lose it and scream (which I try HARD not to do) cause I've asked her 5 times to do something it breaks my heart. Will she remember the wonderful times with mommy or will the slipups that break her heart? I've heard that most moms suffer from this guilt. Did I just screw up my child for life? UGH.

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