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Another Pregnancy Update

2002-02-15 11:38 a.m.

Whoo Hoo my #'s doubled!!! On Wednesday 2-13 my beta was 196 and today it's 403!!! Whoo Hoo! :) OMG this is SO exciting!!! :) I will go back Monday for a repeat and double check my progesterone too.

I also just bought 2 books: So thats what they're for: Breastfeeding Basics and The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy. I already have What to Expect When You're Expecting and I really wanted these other two! Brian will laugh that I bought them early but I got them used on Amazon so I went for it!

Other than that it's been pretty uneventful. Brian and I didn't do much for VDay since he had class. He came home in time to stick me in the butt! UGH! I REALLY hate these progesterone shots. My butt literally hurts. I SO know it's worth it but I sure hope my progesterone stays up so maybe I could change to crinone - a cervical gel version of progesterone. I am sure it's messy (maybe not as bad as the suppositories) but anything is better than these shots.

I am SO happy. Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus!

We STILL haven't told Korie. Tuesday night we had a bible study with the youth and I went to a ladies meeting and Wednesday night we had church and Brian had to work late and last night he called at 6:30 (only 5:30 there) but she wasn't there and tried again when he got out of class but she's already in bed. We didn't tell her mom cause we want to be able to tell her.

I wonder how my cats will react. Zoe is the main one I am worried about. We are already seriously considering declawing him. In theory I am much against declawing. I clip their nails and we NEVER have trouble with them clawing the furniture or tearing things up. But Zoe dislikes kids and I would rather find a vet who would declaw him humanely than give him up! :( It's such a hard decision.

I think I had my first bout of morning sickness yesterday at about 3 pm. My tummy was VERY queasy and even though I didn't want to throwup it was definitely upset. It started to ebb around 9 pm.

OK that's today's update. :) I decided I am not going to start a journal just for pregnancy updates but keep them here but I am going to create a webpage for U/S pics, belly pics, nursery pics and the like. I will probably link to it up top.

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