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A Prayer for My Youth

2001-10-23 12:21 p.m.

What kind of youth pastor am I? Actually Brian is the youth pastor but I spend just as much time with the kids and have just as much an impact on their life. Should I be doing this as stressed out and screwed up as I am? All I know is that when I am with them things feel right. I am somehow able to listen to God and not what to say and when to listen and how to help. I guess it's just God's grace cause I am surely not doing it in my own power.

Dear God - help me be a leader they can look up. Help me develop a trust relationship with each of these kids. Help me learn to keep them in my prayers and on my hearts and to truly be there for them. For a group of church kids it's scary how messed up some of them are. Please have mercy and protect them from themselves and their families as we strive to teach them and show them and be there for them.

A. - Bless her with strength and courage but the real kind. Reveal to her that it's not necessary to pack down the pain of the divorce to be spiritual. That it's ok to get mad and angry and vent that all out.

S. - Please develop a better relationship with her and A (her sister). Show them how to bind together. Show her how to stay pure and that she doesn't need a boy's love or attention to be someone.

L. - Mr. Attitude. He's got so much love and compassion but it's not cool to show it. Break that attitude Lord. Give him a ministry to care about.

G. - So much anger and so many changes in his young life. Help him find healthy ways to exhibit his anger rather than popping off.

C. - The original Mr. Gigolo himself. Lord reveal yourself to him. Show him that his idea of friendship with priviledges isn't Godly. That he needs to slow down and wait and not take advantage of the multitude of girl's he dates.

J. - He's so young in maturity. Please keep him close to us as he continues to grow up and find his own place in the group.

T. & R. - Sisters in a divorced family with a somewhat controlling mom. I really think she just wants to protect them and it's hard to let go. Show her how to protect them and love them but let go.

A. E. & M. - Sister and brothers. Massive prayers against rejection and anger. Show them yourself Lord.

T. - Promiscuity - I bind you and tell you to leave this girl alone. Lord - while in counseling teach this girl about loving herself and not needing a boy or a man to show her attention.

To the others I don't know as well yet: M, C, D, C, C, D, D, D, J, A, J - Hold them close to you. Keep them in your site and help them develop a closer relationship with you.

Thank you Jesus.

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