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Life is wonderful

2002-04-04 11:37 a.m.

Have you ever been so happy and at peace and your ecstatic? That's me right now. I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday. That's a big milestone for me.

I almost feel guilty being so happy. I have friends that are in such a rough period. My friend whose husband wants a divorce calls and tells me what a jackass her husband is. Even though he has filed for divorce and leaving her with a baby and all he wants sex. Hello? Part of me wants to tell her to heck with him. But I know that's not what she wants to hear. So I keep praying. But I can't relate. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband that seldom takes me for granted. Granted he makes me so mad I want to pinch his head off but I love him and he loves me and we apologize and make up and all is well! :) Of course lately we haven't been making up like we normally do :) cause of no sex. But on Tuesday I plan to call the RE and see if we're all clear! :)

Then another dear friend had a miscarriage and another friend had an ectopic pregnancy after 3 previous miscarriages and lost her right ovary and tube. And another friend hates her life.

It could be overwhelming. But I am as happy as a pea in a pod. My life is cozy and wonderful and I am so happy where I am. It's in large part to the pregnancy but a lot more. Even with the loss of my 3rd baby I am still simply happy. We have a ton to do and finances to figure out and all but it's so wonderful to be happy. Life is wonderful. Simply wonderful.

I will keep praying for my friends and hope they can find a place like this soon.

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