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The Wiggles 2004 Concert

2004-08-08 11:05 p.m.

We went to see the Wiggles on Sat. It was a blast. Salem loved it. She didn't quite understand that they were onstage and watch the huge big screens (they had them to the right and left of the stage). She was hysterical. She squealed and jumped up and down in daddy's lap. I have a TON of pics but haven't had time to go through them. I will post better ones later. I hope I got some good closeups.

I was SO excited Anthony was there (his wife had a baby earlier this year so there was gossip he might not be there). And I was quite suprised as he seemed to be the leader (I thought Greg was). Jeff was quite energetic and very funny and after reading his bio in the program I realized he was born in 53! WOW. That's only a year younger than my mom.

Captain Feathersword was hysterical. :) They did a skit on the magic buttons where he did his "bit" and sang like Ozzy, Freddy Mercury and the Eagles! The Freddy Mercury impression was downright hysterical. And according to his bio he has a degree in classical music!

Salem lasted til the last 10 minutes before she had had enough. We also splurged and bought her a Wiggle Flashlight that she loves. What a great time.

Here are some pics!

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