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2004-09-26 11:18 p.m.

OK What do you do when your child whines? I hate it. But usually it only last a few minutes. So when she starts I tell her when she stops whining I'll help. Or I ask if she can show me what she wants. Usually she'll whine a little bit more but then stop and take my hand and lead me to something she's having trouble with or wants.

It's definitely no words whining and borderline crying. I do try to stay strong about ignoring whining. But man...She doesn't say please yet. Normally she yells MUM really loud when she wants something and is whiney. So I say in a softer voice - Salem if you want something talk softer. What do you need? Or I say show me what you want without whining. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. But I don't do it if she's yelling MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM to me.

Example - Today she wanted in my lap. But was whining. So I said - when you quit whining you can climb up. Well this caused her to throw herself down on the flip and kick and scream for several minutes. Then I asked her if she was done and she said yes and she climbed up and we cuddled. But most of the time this weekend she hasn't stopped.

I think I am just worn out.

But this weekend she has literally whined ALL weekend. She's driving me crazy! And I feel bad for even thinking that. How do ya'll handle whining? I have tried holding her and sshhushing her and walking her and reading books and playing and distraction. All to no avail.

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