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What do you do?

2004-10-02 11:50 p.m.

Yesterday we went to NM to get Korie. Salem normally does really well in the van. We stop a lot - one of us sits by her and plays etc. Well on the way home she just lost it. So we stopped several times and it didn't help. We stopped at Brian's dad's house about an hour and 15 minutes from home. The idea was to get out and play and eat and relax for an hour or two even though it was 10:30.

Well at midnight we thought let's try to go to bed. BIG MISTAKE. She fought it like crazy. So we relaxed and turn on the TV - cuddled let her sit in bed. Off and on for an hour she cried. So Brian trys to cuddle her. That sends her off the deep end. I do the same.

She's not teething - no fever etc but I give her tylenol to be on the safe side.

She won't let us touch her. She gets off the bed and lies in the floor on her face screaming. If we rub her back or touch her she flails. After almost an hour we lay on the bed and talk softly to her as she screams herself to sleep.

I didn't know what else to do but it broke my heart. But what on earth do we do when they won't let us console them? I've never had her do this to that extreme! :( I was crying with her.

I didn't go to sleep til she stopped. Then I gave her 30 minutes to get to a deep sleep and moved her back to bed with us.

Today she was fine! :( I feel so bad though. All our regular tricks did NOT work.

Also totally unrelated - I need help with my HTML. DesignsbyKat is no longer a dland site and I need help changing out my pic (after we can fix the spacing issue). It never used to look like this. I want to keep this design if possible. Any takers? I can pay a REASONABLE fee. Post in my guestbook.

Aja - I dropped the ball on my signs. We know a fee but I need to start working on them again. Things are better this week. Thanks Holly and Marlen! Man was I having a rough week when I posted that.

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