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Forgotten on VDay

2004-02-15 2:14 p.m.

For Valentine's Day I sent Korie money for an Old Navy sweatshirt that she wanted and toesocks (a holiday tradition with her) and Brian sent her flowers with a card that said - "Your so very special. Don't let ever let anyone treat you differently." Love Daddy. For Salem - we got her a couple of books. I think we will make it a tradition with her too.

We went out for Valentine's Day on Friday night. I saved up and took him to his favorite restaurant and then afterwards suprised him with a night at a local hotel. Earlier in the day I had put flowers and candles in the room and rose petals on the bed and had wine chilling. It was a lovely dinner despite a 45 minute wait to be seated and the night at hotel was wonderful although it was interrupted with a problem on a valet job site (Brian is on call but seldom gets called).

So I thought Brian might get me a card or something (since the night before was actually a surprise for him) and he didn't. He came home from work at 7 rather than 5:30. We cooked dinner and he fell asleep on the couch.

This is the first time ever DH didn't do anything. I felt forgotten to be honest. :( It's not really about the gift but the fact that it's Valentine's Day and all. I keep all his cards and he knows it so I kinda expected a card and he's gotten me flowers for 5 years straight til this year. But this year nada. :(

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