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2003-01-04 10:16 p.m.

I am planning on vaccinating but plan to selectively vaccinate. So far I have made sure the vaccines are mercury free and I have declined the prevnar completely. I plan to follow the following recommendation to a large degree.

This is Dr Cave's recommendation - from her book "What your doctor may not tell you about childrens vacinations".

HEP B - at birth only if mother is hepB positive or if her hep B status is unknown. We already did this

Then follow CDC recommended schedule. For children attending daycare:consider postponing giving hepB until just before starting daycare if the state mandates vaccine for entry. For children not attending daycare: consider postponing vaccine until the year before starting school.

Consider giving the second shot one month after the first shot and the third at least four months after the first.

HIB,IPV,DTaP (all should be mercury free) - Hib four months with IPV, followed by DTaP at five months. Second series at six months (HIB and IPV), followed by DTaP at seven months. Third series at eight months(HIB), followed by DTaP at nine months.

Fourth series at seventeen months(HIB,IPV) and eighteen months for DTaP Boosters for DTaP and IPV at 4-5 years of age.

PREVNAR - Dr Cave states she does not routinely use this vaccine prior to age two because it is not mandated, it is very expensive and the pneumococcal safety data is still unclear. She recommends one dose at two years of age.

VARICELLA (VARIVAX). Dr Cave recommends giving this vaccine close to school age if mandated by law and if child is not immune. She does not recommend its use in one year old patients.

MMR - Seperate vaccines beginning at 15 months, measles vaccine first, followed by rubella twelve months later, and mumps twelve months after rubella. Check titers for immunity and if child is immune skip boosters.

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