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Update on Salem - 9/22/2004

2004-09-22 12:20 a.m.

Salem is doing great! She's hysterical lately and really loves putting on a show for attention! She still loves to dance to any music. When we go to our favorite restaurant to eat she has to stop and smell the flowers going in and out.

We're trying to wean her off the pediasure. She has her 2 year appt in early Oct. If she's lost weight we will put her back on it. She's on a soy vanilla and she drinks it well.

She now can climb into her high chair, she prays before meals (SO CUTE), blows on her food before tasting it, says NO 1 million times a day (UGH) and still gives lots of hugs and kisses.

I ask her if she's a brat (playfully) and she shakes her head no! If I say are you spoiled she smiles and giggles and says Yep!

She calls me Mum and Brian daddy. She still says the duck says duck duck! :lol Can't get her to say quack but she will say meow for the cats and growl for the bear and tiger!

She loves to read. She plays with her books and quite often I read about 20 books a day to her!

Her birthday is October 1st! WOW 2 years old! I almost can't believe it!

She goes to Kindermusik on Tuesday mornings and gymnastics (mom and tot) on Tuesday night and go to MOPS 2x's a month. She has a few friends from gymnastics that we do stuff with like the children's music, the park (when it's not too hot), McDonalds and other fun place.

She still wears size 4 shoes and 18 month clothes even though I buy 24 months and size 5 shoes. We are starting potty training after her birthday! She acts like she's ready. We'll see. I don't want to be too pushy with her constipation issues.

She really is a mess and a handful but SO full of love and smiles. She does have tantrums but they are VERY short lived.

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