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Update - 8/5/2004

2004-08-04 3:52 a.m.

At my board we were talking about what assumptions people tend to have/make of me that drive me crazy! Ugh! So it got me stirred up of course and I thought I would post about it. These things get to me.

* They ask how long we were married before we had kids and then want to know we waited so long to have kids and how hard it is on kids to be an only child! BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don't plan to get into my IF history with everyone I meet.

* That I am SUPER conservative because I am a Christian and live in the south. There are a few issues I am quite liberal on and others that are the opposite. I vote what I believe and not because a person is Republican or Democrat.

* That being a SAHM I have all the time in the world to do anything that someone needs and why isn't my house perfect if I stay at home?

* Or people want stuff from us cause they seem to think that we really have money cause I stay at home and we some nice things. But I am VERY frugal. We save a lot and I seldom pay fullprice for anything. I resell clothes and toys and other things at garage sales and on ebay, I spend my money wisely and pay my bills. Plus I do have a wealthy FIL who has given some nice gifts over the years and we have been given quite a few things from church and church members. Things like furniture and antiques. People see "stuff" and assume you paid an arm and a leg for it.

* That because we cosleep we don't have a sex life! WHATEVER! Get an imagination already!

* That because Brian's a pastor and on staff at a church they wonder why I don't spend my days up there volunteering my time etc. I do the website and stuff behind the scenes but I have a two year old that needs me more than church. The church can get a ton of volunteers.

* People often assume that IVF had something to do with the loss of 2 of the triplets. That REALLY irks me. Or that I shouldn't ever be sad cause I have Salem.

Anyway...there's a few of mine. I swear people can be so heartless, stupid and just plain ignorant sometimes.

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