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Update - 7/17/2004

2004-07-18 2:31 a.m.

OK where is everyone? How are you doing? Hanging in there?

I am now in onederland or so I've been told. I am now 195. :) This was me on vacation with my sister in late January. On Feb 2 I was 247 1/2 and diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. This pic was taken 7/17 and I am now 195 and still losing! :)


Still dieting. Not cheating. I have found some good ice cream by Blue Bunny that is just AWESOME! :)

Brian joined a gym 2 weeks ago. He used to power lift and wants to get back into it. Well Brian mentioned to the owner about my weight loss and my goals and said even though I am doing water exercise and riding a recumbent bike I need to do weights or my skin wouldn't adjust from the loss well. Ugh! I am planning on a tummy tuck next Spring but I still need to work on my arms and legs. So I guess I am off to the gym. I will join when I get back from Gatlinburg. Thankfully they gave Brian a discount for being a pastor and for both of us to go would be the cost of 1 membership.

The plan is to go 3x's a week and then do water and bike at home the other 2 days. 3 days weight training/cardio - 2 days cardio. I may try the playcenter there and take Salem. If that doesn't go well I will have to wait til Brian gets home. Good thing is they are open late.

Wish me luck! I HATE HATE HATE going into a gym with all those skinny minnies around! Ugh! I really hate it. But yeah I think it's necessary. And I think I am going to splurge and get a trainer for a month.

Salem and I are leaving for Gatlinburg on vacation tomorrow! Can't wait. We'll be gone 8 days.

She is doing wonderful. She had an echo this past Tuesday. The good news is things are pretty much standard quo. No better no worse. He upped her medicine and did a CST session on her.

The bad news is things went really bad. We had to hold her down (a friend with me) and she screamed til basically she was almost hypervenilating. She is still mad at me right now. She fell asleep on the way home. He said in a year we might look at putting her on a holter monitor to make sure her heartbeat is staying stable. The murmur and stenosis are still there as well but no worse. So now we go back in late October.

Thanks for ALL the prayers. I do appreciate them. Oh and today's weight was 20'8'.

Be sure to check out her photo album. There are a ton of new pics for June and July! If I know you or you have a diary I can check out post in my guestbook and I will send you the link and password.

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