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Update - 3/11/2004

2004-03-11 5:29 p.m.

I had an appt yesterday with my Dr. My glucose level has been between 120-140 for the past couple of weeks since going up to 1500 mg. It needs to be under 110 so we're getting closer. He said it's still a tad too high but that he was excited about the changes I had made to my diet. Plus I have now lost 15 1/2 pounds since 2-2. So he upped my glucophage to 2000 mg a day and I go back in a month for bloodwork and an appt. He said that my levels have dropped considerably since 2-10 and in a relatively short time so that within a month I should be able to find a manageable level. He said worst case scenario I have to add another medicine to my regimen. Anyway - thought I would share! I'm still poking my finger 2 times a day though! OUCH!

Salem seems to be in a temper stage. For instance she pinches a lot and when she does I put her down and that sends her over the edge. So I lay her on the carpet and talk to her for a minute without holding her hopefully as a way to get her to quit pinching. Then I pick her up and love on her. I popped her hand once out of sheer exasperation a few weeks ago and she hit my hand back! So that just reinforced what I already felt - that I shouldn’t do that.

I think it’s worse lately cause her little routine is off from me staying at home all day now and dad not being here til evenings. But I am still SO excited to be home fulltime. It's a dream come true!!!

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