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IVF Update 1-23

2002-01-23 4:56 p.m.

Emotionally I am wiped out. I came back today and I am still not where I need to be but am doing better. My E2 is 672 (much better)and my follicles are responding even though it's slow. I have one at 16 a few at 15 and the rest of the good ones are at 14.

They want me to do more meds and all I had left was repronex so I scrambled to find some and a friend in Dallas has some for me. The Dr.'s office did give me two antagon and two follistim that will get me through tonight (since I have the repronex I need) and I will go back for the rest tomorrow am. and I will 4 more follistim before Friday.

Earlier today I felt I was at my breaking point. I know it will get better but it's so hard right now that I started questioning if I was doing the right thing for 5-7 potential good follicles. But I feel better and am more relaxed and excited.

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