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Update 12/10

2003-12-10 10:40 a.m.

Whew!!! I got all my Christmas cards done. About 120. It took forever! And now I just have to write about 40 for Brian's business contacts.

I have Christmas all finished! All wrapped and stockings all stuffed. I need to make a grocery list so I can get stuff for pumpkin bread, cookies, fudge and Brian's hot sauce!

Salem is doing great! She's so funny. This

book has become her favorite! Salem has this book and it has fast become her fave.

It's a flip book and one side has mommy loves her baby and the other side is daddy.

It rhymes and is REAL easy to sing song! She cracks up!

But even funnier was the fact that she made Brian read it 8 times last night at 11 pm before she would settle down and go back to sleep! Not me! Daddy only! And Brian doing the sing songy voice was TOO funny!

Lotsa prayer requests for those of you who pray. My great uncle is dying from cancer. He will probably die any day. Please pray for his family and that he not be in pain.

My uncle is in the hospital with pneumonia and they found a spot on his lung so they are checking that out.

My grandmother is having heart problems due to her enfesema. And will she stop smoking? Of course not! Sigh!

Brian's grandmother just got out of the hospital yesterday. They had to put another stint in an artery that was 80% blocked.

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