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Update 1-15-04

2004-01-15 10:44 p.m.

Well it's official on my notice. I told my boss last Friday and my department found out in a staff meeting on Tues. I have MAJOR projects to finish up. MAJOR. But it's worth it. I have applied for health insurance (praying they accept Salem), have opened her 529 account, made plans with what to do with my 401 K (moving it to a Roth IRA), am filling out the forms for term life insurance, and we've bought a few big items now while we have extra money like a big crockpot (my small one wasn't cutting it), 3 air filters, hepa filters for the A/C, a printer/scanner/fax/copier for Brian's business and a panasonic camcorder that takes digital pics. Some other littlier stuff like cookie cutters and a scale for the kitchen and stuff like that. I think the only thing left I want to get is towels.

It's SO much money. But we budgeted a certain amount so I do feel ok with it. Plus we aren't paying bills with my check for January and February. We're buying this stuff, going on vacation and putting the few hundred left in savings.

I have a work PC at home and my boss is going to let me keep it! Whoo Hoo! We were expecting to have to buy a pc. So that's great. My last day is 2-27! :) And even more exciting - that's my birthday! What an awesome present to myself!!!

We leave on the 24 for Galveston and the ship leaves port on the 25th. I cannot wait!!!!!!! I will take lots of pics. It's amazing to me home many people wonder who's going to watch Salem. Duh! She's going with us!

She's doing great. She has her 15 month appt next week. She's babbling like crazy but not as many discernable words. And she's walking and playing and just so much fun! Be sure to check out her photo album to see recent pics!

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