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Update - 6/07/2004

2004-06-07 11:23 a.m.

I think I've posted before that I've been looking for a new camera. My Kodak got dropped last October and since then has taken terrible pics (mainly the outside pics are horrible). So we bought a camcorder in January and it takes stills but they aren't great. Not print quality for scrapbooking especially.

So I've been researching and had planned to get an Olympus 560. It's a 3.2 megapixel and takes video clips with sounds. Came with 16 megs of memory and I was going to move the 128 card from the Kodak to it. Well I got one on eBay and then my order got cancelled cause the guy couldn't get it from the manufacturer. GRRR.

So I started looking again and found this one:

HP PS 433.

It has pretty much all the same options as the Olympus but with out the smart USB Connect (I have to use the HP software). But was $20 cheaper than I could find the Olympus! So I am excited!

So this week I will get some landscaping pics taken! My flowers are blooming SO pretty!

And other news: We got tickets to take Salem to see the Wiggles! She will be SO excited. Heck - I'm excited. LOL.

I'm still mad at my BIL but trying to get over it. I find myself so frustrated that I don't want to even pray for him. :( That's crummy. My nieces spent all day Friday with us. I took them and Salem and Korie to a local pizza place that has a HUGE gameroom. (I was good and only ate a salad). Salem went nuts in the playarea. It was too funny. I got some video footage of her riding a train and when we played skeeball she walked up and put the ball in! LOL.

Korie and Salem are getting a long great. Salem follows her WHEREVER Korie goes. It's cute now but I am sure it will eventually get on Korie's nerves. Brian hates her swimsuit that I let her buy. She's always had a 2 piece tankini and this time I let her get bikini bottoms but they really aren't revealing. They are a string bikini or high cut on the hip. Sigh! I really didn't think he would hate it.

She has a boyfriend too! :) Just a guy she talks to back home. But of course dad is ALL freaked out over that. He asked me back in Feb if I thought she liked boys. And I said, "Brian she's almost 14 - I would be worried if she didn't!" Of course he didn't like hearing that!

She and Salem and I went shopping on Sat. We got her a shirt from AE, 1 from Old Navy and 2 from Wet Seal and only spent $24. And I bought Brian a couple of shirts from AE for Father's Day and Salem an outfit from Old Navy.

This week we have a lot planned.

Monday - Korie Opthamologist Appt and then I have the Moms of Twins Meeting

Tuesday - Salem has her Echo and that night we have mom and tot gymnastics

Mon, Tues and Wed - Korie has a local camp that ministers to the poor and homeless.

Thurs - Park day for Salem with friends

Friday - I am not sure but Korie, Mom and I are going scrapbooking that night.

Saturday needs to be a family day!

So that's it for now!

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