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Tuesday - February 11

2003-02-11 10:13 p.m.

Ugh. I just can't seem to get in the habit of writing again. I mean to. And then this happens or that. My fellow diarylanders are my heros. They have WAY more kiddos than I do and still keep up. What on earth is up with me?

Salem's Cardiology appt on 1/28 went really well. It was REALLY quick for a change. Her heart is still thick but not thicker and the leak in her mytral valve is better. He said it was much more proportionate. She will stay on the meds and move up on dosage as she gains weight. She was 11'2' today at the cardiologist appt and a week later she was 11'7'! :) YEAH baby!

And about her shots. We selectively vaccinate - for us that mainly means we are following Dr. Cave's suggestions. But we thought long and hard and even though we had previously decided to not give prevnar at all, we felt that Salem's heart condition was more problematic. Mainly any infection she gets, even an ear infection, could mean problems for her heart. Sigh. It's long and complicated and I didn't explain it well but we did it. And if we have another child they will not have it. But Salem's case was special.

I am still expressing BM at 4 months. My goal is 6 months. Geez - that seems SO long. But I will get to 6 months and then re-evalute and decide about continuing to pump. I REALLY HATE that pump.

Oh and she is in cloth. I broke down and bought some smalls so she is in disposables at the sitter during the morning but in cloth when she gets home. I can't wait til she's big enough to where some of her LARGE stash of mediums. :)

What else....hmmm I am sure I will think of a lot. But at least I've updated. I will figure out what I've missed and write more tomorrow.

Oh yeah...Brian's mom is coming home from prison this weekend. I will definitely talk about that tomorrow.

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