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Happy About TTC For A Change

2001-10-22 12:36 p.m.

Bob has me going! :) Last week on Thursday I noticed I was on day 16. Well when I do O (I am talking about the O in ovulation - not the BIG O!!!) it's around CD 18-19 or so. So I thought hmmm??? Let's check. So I check and had EWCM! Yee haw!!! So I figured what the heck and got all romantic with Brian three days in a row!!! LOL.

It didn't matter that my CM kills the little swimmers or that I think I O'ed on my left side (which is blocked).

Miracles happen right? They happen all the time. They do! I see them all over the fertility boards. On MOL alone I know 4 ladies who got pregnant on breaks after IF treatment. So maybe I can be one of the miracles! Wouldn't that be spectacular?

And if not - I think I will be more than fine since IVF is getting closer and closer. I still have something to look forward to.

Now Bob will probably torment me about 10 days or so til I know! But that's okay! Sometimes Bob can be a blast.

I've done lots of baby thinking lately. I am definitely going to do the denim and red and if we have a little girl add white cotton eyelet lace to the dust ruffle and curtains.

My FIL said he would make me some wooden stars that we will paint blue and use as a border. I am blessed to have a bed and changing table and gorgeous NOJO denim bedding that a friend gave me.

And names! We had long ago chosen Caden Samuel Lee for a boy and Salem Ruth Rhena for a girl. We decided since I am doing IVF and my chances for twins are higher that we should choose a second name for each sex. Right now we have chosen:

Seth Daniel Wyatt

Brynna Maye Michell or Devyn Maye Michelle

I also like Skylar but I haven't quite convinced Brian of that. Actually I haven't convinced him of Wyatt either but I am hoping!

Anyway - I am happy and excited at Oing since I O so irregularly and the upcoming IVF (I hope I don't need it). Even though I know the chances are slim it's just nice to be happy about ttc for a change.

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