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Am I Trivial?

2001-10-12 2:09 p.m.

I feel trivial writing in here at times. My problems, my life even, seem so small in regards to what is going on in the world. I am afraid...our lives have changed forever...but I am not terrified. It's not consuming my every moment. I just have this peace. Just like the Word of God says - the peace that passes all understanding. Now that doesn't mean we are being stupid. We are stocking up on water and some food and a first aid kit. But will I be one to go and buy a gass mask? Heck no! I want to be safe but I want to experience life. I don't want to be so terrified that I can't handle my everyday life.

So that leads me to today. I am having a regular day. My love has called me twice today and we've been smooching on the phone (just loving each other really). We've both been starved for it too long. Next weekend we are going to spend a couple of days together. If I were regular that would be my O time! Well I guess a girl can always dream eh??? LOL. I am also going to go on a hunt for the elusive GSpot. I have too many online friends who talk WAY too much about this particular ecstasy! So I am on a mission!!!

Anyway - that's me today! Nothing major, nothing minor - just me.

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