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The Transfer Went Perfect

2002-02-04 2:20 p.m.

I am home. I am still supposed to be resting but I thought a quick update was in order! :)

The transfer went PERFECT. :) We transferred 2 on Satuday AM! Here is a wonderful pic of them:

With the two we put back - one was at 95% ready to hatch and the other at 90%. Sarah (embryologist) and Dr. Le said they were really happy with them. We lost two on Friday, one other was at the morula stage. Check out IVF Connections to learn more about all this if it doesn't make sense. Sarah gave the others a couple of more days to see if they could make it blast and be frozen. Today she called back and said they were able to freeze 3! PRAISE GOD. I have to admit my heart does ache for those that didn't make it but I am SO at peace and so excited about the two that are implanting and the other three.

For those of you who know HarlieSkye please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I can't say more than that in an open area but she's going through a lot.

Well I am off to rest.

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