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2002-01-08 9:28 a.m.


Ok one of the few things Brian and I disagree on is tithing. Ok let me clarify by saying we both believe in tithing and there's no way we wouldn't tithe. It's way too important. I would never cheat God besides the fact of all the blessings I believe coming with faithful tithing and giving.

Our main disagreement is this: I believe a tithe is 10% of what you work for. So if I make $100 at work I tithe $10. If a friend sends me $100 I believe that'a gift and not necessary to tithe off of. Now I do believe it's good to love offerings whenever I can and we do.

But Brian believes that all money should be tithed including gifts. And that's what he is thinking of teaching the youth and that's what I have a problem with.

We want to teach them about tithing and being faithful but I think there is a difference between tithing off an allowance and tithing of Christmas money. To me Christmas money is a gift. Are we really supposed to tithe off gifts?

To me I think we should focus on tithing and then on being givers. And yes bring up giving above and beyond the tithe but to teach them to be heart givers. Too many people these days are willing to give money before time. We want to teach them compassion and love and mercy.

Anyway I told Brian how I felt. Of course he disagreed but he said I made good points so he's going to talk to Pastor Frank about it.

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