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Tidbits - This & That

2003-01-04 10:05 p.m.

OK This post is about tidbits of things that have happened the past month! :)

Salem is eating better. We are up to 16-18 ounces per day. I am still pumping but I hate every minute of it I must admit. She is getting 4-6 ounces of BM a day which is a disappointment for me but considering she is just now 10 pounds because of her feeding issues I am at peace with supplementing her with the high calorie preemie formula. And even though I HATE the pump, I am no where near ready to quit. But it looks like we will be on the higher calorie formula for a while. I am freezing the rest of my BM. I figure I can use it in her food when she is older.

Brian graduated from college on December 14. Whoo Hoo! It's over. It's over finally!!! So now he is looking for a job.

Speaking of jobs, Brian has applied for a paid chaplain's position with a local hospital. This seems like the perfect opportunity for him. Please pray for our guidance in his job search in general and that he will find favor with the interviewers. Also this job has benefits so that is a definite plus.

In the meantime, since all my sick leave got screwed up and we don't think Brian is going to stay where he is (long story) I submitted a memo and asked to go part-time. I will quit eventually but right now til Brian has a job I can't. We especially need the benefits. My direct supervisor is ok with the idea but the VP of our area has to approve it. My employer has been in a cost saving mode for quite some time so I outlined a way we can save money and still be productive by allowing me to work part-time. I also suggested telecommuting but I don't know if he'll go for that. He is somewhat old-fashioned about being in the office from 8-5. My proposal was two fold. The perfect solution was to work 8-1 for 25 hours per week or 7-1 for 30.

I have been off work for 2 weeks due to the holidays. I should find out this coming week if I can go part-time. And Brian will keep applying for jobs. Especially with Salem's cardiologist appts we can't be without insurance right now.

Speaking of insurance - my hospital bills were really high since I had two hospital stays and Salem was officially in the NICU even though it was a short stay. So I was expecting those high bills. My hospital bills including the neonatologist, the ped, the OB, the csection, anesthia, and all the bloodwork and U/S and 2 hospital stays was over $50,000. EEK! All to insurance. My part was like $1300.

But I got a copy of the cardiologist bill (she's got to once a month for now remember?) and it was over $2000! She had an echocardiogram and an EKG and an appt with cardiologist. All this in one appt. EEK!!! I can't imagine what we would do without insurance. And for now we've been told she will go once a month!

OK what else? I still am heart sick over leaving her at the baby sitter. I just hate it. But my sitter is wonderful so I am thanking God for that.

We are experimenting with the cloth diapers. My goal had been to start at around 15 pounds. Well she's just barely 10 pounds (I am estimating - she has a ped appt next week). So I got a few small proraps and FB's to practice with. I can't wait til she is in them fulltime.

OK a couple of more entries and I will be somewhat caught up.

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