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Thursday - 8/22

2002-08-23 1:34 a.m.

Hmmmm...What's new? Well I guess bedrest isn't new. But that's about all I am doing lately. I am so tired and it hurts to walk I have so much pressure on my cervix.

I had a good Dr.'s appt earlier this week. I will update it in my pregnancy journal hopefully tomorrow.

I have a wedding to go to Sat. I was SO bummed because I feel fat and frumpy and there is NO place to buy cute plus size maternity clothes where I live.

But on my DH's advice I hit Fashion Bug and found the cutest dress. I think I actually look cute in it. If I staying feeling that way I may post a pic soon!

My baby shower is in 2 weeks! :) I am SO excited.

Brian is driving me bonkers. He starts school on Monday, is catering a private wedding Saturday and has me doing his Brazil mission letter update, webpage update and fixing his powerpoint.

Other than I am just trying to relax. Trying to make the time go by faster. I wish I could think of something wonderful to say but right now I am just at peace. Things are beginning to make sense to me again. I have peace that Salem will be fine (even though sometimes I have a fragile hold on that peace) and Brian is home.

We are blessed.

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