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My Thanksgiving Holiday

2001-11-24 11:50 a.m.

The Thanksgiving holidays. They weren't as bad or timeconsuming as possible. We went to Brian's dad's on Wed. Usually there are 16-17 kids (most of whom are under 5) and 15 adults. This year on SIL had to work and she and her 4 kids and DH stayed home and another SIL with four kids fell and broke her knee cap. OUCH! So it was a lot quieter. We had our normal TG meal of brisket and dressing (we aren't big turkey eaters) and watched the cowboys/broncos game and slept late. Then we came home.

Brian and Korie were going to go see his grandmother and I was gonna spend the day with my SIL from Colorado watching chick flicks. We managed to watch Bridget Jones's Diary. It was VERY funny but not all that I expected based on the reviews and my friends opinions. Then my SIL get's a call that her grandfather died. So we spent 4 hours online trying to find her a reasonable ticket to fly into Philadelphia (she's in NJ). It was such a pain. :(

Then I went to my niece's bday party! She's 9 and way too big! :) She had a sleep over. It was funny and my sister and mom and I watched Planet of the Apes. Totally stupid ending. Endings like that just totally tick me off.

So now I sit here and wonder what did I accomplish this week? Not a whole lot really. I guess I did do well with those three (yes three) pieces of chocolate chip cake. And a real Coke. Oh my they tasted good. So my main accomplishment was to totally stray from my diet! LOL.

Anyway - today Korie and I may go to the movies. I just don't want to brave shopping yet. Normally I am done this time of year and this time I am not. :(

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