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Mad At Target/Bunco Party

2002-06-10 1:05 p.m.

UGH! We initially spent almost 2 hours at Target registering back in April. Then 2 weeks ago I spent an hour in Target updating my registry. I changed my mind about carseats and the pack-n-play. So I went and added the new items and then had to circle the items I didn't want and take them to the service desk for them to be manually removed.

Now that was the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Now over 2 weeks later there is still items not taken off! And they were telling meI can only do it in person!

So I reiterated: I have been there twice already. One to register and one to change. The changes were supposed to be made. I am pregnant with twins (yes I used the twin card) and blah blah. So they finally let me talk to the manager who let me make the changes over the phone.

Now in todays technological era why can't they make it where I can make changes online? It would have save us both a lot of hassle.


I am hosting a bunco party tonight! I played my first game last month with some ladies from the floor where I work. It was a blast. So now we are going to take turns hosting one. I can't wait. Brian has to get out of the house though! LOL. He's not looking forward to that. But it should be fun and there are so many of us with large homes I will only host 1 a year (we only have enough women for 3 tables right now).

If you want to know more about Bunco check out this site.

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