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Salem's Weekly Update 4-6-03

2003-04-06 11:48 p.m.

Salem's update. Man we had a trying week what with all the Dr.'s appts. Poor little girl was really a trooper through it all. She now weighs 13'10. She's so funny! She wakes up with such a smile. One morning this past week I was laying in bed and I said, "Good morning Salem". She smiled and shook her head no! It was like No Mama I wanna sleep! LOL.

This was Brian's first week home with her in the mornings. I think it was a hard adjustment for her but they are adjusting. She's such a loveable girl. With us. And she smiles and is friendly but doesn't want anyone else holding her at all!

She is still rolling over and gets so mad when she can't get back on her back! We have an ABC play mat on the floor that she plays on. She also cut a tooth on Sat. She's been drooling like crazy for ages and gnawing and stuff. And now a tooth is peeking through!!! :)

Her favorite toys this week were her red worm, her lamaze cloth book, her face rattle and as always her links.

And she ate 6 ounces on Sat! Can you believe that? First time ever! I was so excited!!! I can remember how we felt we we finally got her to eat 3. She only ate that much at one sitting this weekend but I am hoping it's the beginning of a new trend.

She LOVED sweet potatoes this week and finally became really interested in the cats. She keeps reaching towards Cali everytime she walks by! Too funny!

We got her Britax carseat installed in the car. Now I HAVE to remember to take my sling with me since I can't carry the carrier. We only have one carrier and base and since Brian is home with her in the mornings he will keep that in his carry. Plus he likes a snuggli but won't use it as much in public. Just when he's doing stuff around the house.

About Salem's appointments, I am in a better spot and choosing not to do more a lot more research (I am on a mail list and it's interesting what I am learning) and am just trying to wait and see. I am going to try and get a more concise family history on my dad's side of the family (I've never really know them).

I decided to do this cause I don't want to ruin the rest of this first year I have with her worrying. It's hard not to but I have to let it go for now. She is perfect and funny and sweet. And I refuse to worry and not have a definitive reason for that worry. But I am continuing to pray. I do believe in healing and the power of prayer.

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