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Salem's Weekly Update 4-13-03

2003-04-13 11:36 p.m.

What a week. I am so tired and it's Sunday night. I still have SO much to do.

Salem has been too funny this week. Real grouchy though so I am wondering if she's cutting another tooth.

She's been rolling to her tummy pretty easy but one night she was trying real hard and couldn't get there so she flipped real hard and went from her back to her tummy to her back and her little head hit floor. She was NOT a happy camper.

Here favorite toy this week seems to be her tag-along taggie and still her face rattle and links.

I won a hip hammock on eBay! I am real excited to get it in!

And my sweet DH is trying so hard to get into the hang of cloth diapering! He actually took her out of the house on a job bid in one! For him that's pretty brave!

Mia I tried the dipe on her last night. It's just a bit big in her legs! I will take a pic anyway this week!

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