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Andrew, Stupid People & Baby Stats Game

2002-05-02 10:46 a.m.

First of all check out the Diaryland Theme Song. And Joanna's right about Andrew. He does sound cute!


Second of all come play our baby stats game at Expectnet. You go to ExpectNet and type in the game name mliatx in the Invited Guests box.

You can enter your guess and leave us a message on the message board. Tell us what you think about names, how early they will come etc! :) Have fun and feel free to vote twice since we have twins. :)


Ahhhh this is a CRAPPY day! I HATE work today! ACK! OK I had to get that but I am tired of STUPID professors who cannot follow directions but take points off for their students who don't follow them. Gimme a break. I dealt with one professor for 3 days. I kept telling him to make sure he was typing his password in lowercase. Was he? Well of course not.

Tonight is ER!!! :) Whoo Hoo! I missed Monday's Third Watch to see what happened with Susan's niece. If anyone knows PLEASE tell me!

This weekend I am going out of town for some nice R & R. I need it. I am grumpy as all get out. But I bet ya'll couldn't tell eh?

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