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MS, Clock, Cloth Diapering & Out of Town

2002-05-03 9:24 a.m.

Well I thought the MS was a thing of the past. And Brian thinks it is and I have a virus. But how I can I tell when I am really sick and just MS? I don't know. But I got out of the shower this morning. I am tired and allergies are bothering me but that's about it. So I sat on my bed to put on my makeup and I coughed and then it hit me.

It was everywhere. On my clothes, all over my bed and even on my cat! :( Blech. Yes I know that's gross. Cali thought so too. So Brian had to clean it up. I just couldn't deal with it.


This weekend we are going to Brian's dad's for the weekend. I am so tired and all that I am looking forward to the break. We always have such a nice and relaxing time there.

They have sold their HUGE house and are moving to a smaller house in anticipation of moving and retiring in 2-3 years. So we get to pick out an antique clock that FIL restores. I am hoping that out of the 6 kids that I am the only one who likes grandmother clocks as opposed to the grandfather clocks. He only has one and I am in LOVE with it. Plus we are getting their couch and a recliner that are really nice adn a country blue. The couch is a hide-a-bed so I am happy!!!!


Ok wish me luck tonight. We are leaving out of town to go get Korie (5 hour drive there and 5 back to his dad's). On the way there I plan to try to talk him into cloth diapering. I have a plan and all the stats and money issues I need at hand.

I can save $150+ a month cding twins. It's healthier and even better for the environment even though that part won't faze him.

Plus - I have talked to 3 moms of twins who CD. They all started out with disposables for a few weeks while they established nursing. And then when nursing was established (one waited til her babies slept for 4 hour stretches) they CD'ed from 8-8 and then when they adjusted to that they went 24 hours.

I already have a wash routine I think will work etc. And my mom (whom I thought was against it - I was SO wrong) said she and my grandmother said go for it. :) They both CD'ed. My mom did me and my brother and didn't my sister but that was because at that time she didn't have a washer.

YEAH! I have a plan. I think I can talk him into letting me try. Then once I have it down he will realize how much better it will be!

So like I said, wish me luck.

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